AMR 2 – It’s Cold Out There

by Steve on January 25, 2014


As I sit here and write show notes preparing to record the podcast I look out the window and see that we got about four new inches of snow overnight. It has been a banner year for snow lately here in Central Indiana. No motorcycle riding for this region!


BMW announced a major recall in mid December involving many bikes. Read more here.

For you electric afficionados, looks like Zero is having an electrical problem of all things. Well, I guess that is one of the only things that can go wrong on an electric motorcycle. Find out what is up here.


2014 was an exciting race in the motorcycle division. The top names were once again battling towards the top as Spaniard Marc Coma brought home the win on a KTM. Cyril Despres (France), despite one hour and five minutes of penalty, finished third in an amazing ride. If the penalty had not have happened Despres would have finished in second place ahead of Spaniard Viladoms with a forty-seven minute lead. Spain and France end the 2014 Dakar with three riders each in the top ten finishers. KTM dominated the top 10 with five motorcycles, two of which were on the podium, while three Hondas and two Yamahas completed your top 10. One of the Yamahas, that of Cyril Despres, completed the podium. 

Kevin Ash

We are at the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Kevin Ash, British motojournalist killed while test riding the 2013 BMW 1200 GS during a press launch in South Africa.

Gear Review

Comfort in Action ST balaclava

Since the weather here has been brutally cold I have decided to do some reviews on gear that I have found to work amazingly well in cold weather. Over the next month or so we will do gear reviews while we set up future interviews with globetrotters and those who make all the fun farkles for us. This episode I cover the Comfort In Action ST Balaclava, a must have piece of gear if you will ride in cold weather situations. I have had mine for a few years now and it looks like they may not be in production any longer although I have found them in stock at limited sites and limited quantiities available. Here are links to two. An alteranative to this balaclava that looks to be just as well constructed and priced very competitively is the Klim balaclava.




We at Adventure Moto Rider hope you enjoy the show.

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