Dakar 2014

by Steve on January 11, 2014


Due to my crazy schedule at the end of 2013 and the continuation of my crazy schedule heading into 2014 I have not followed the 2014 Dakar Rally much. So today I decided to do a quick check in to see what the latest news was on the motorcycles. I do not find myself having much interest in the four wheeled entries whether car, truck, or quad but I have always been interested in the two wheeled action. In past years I followed the rally on a daily basis and kept up with the rankings and all the news.

Today just happened to be the rest day, a day that I am sure was much needed by all. Not only the riders and drivers but the support staff as well. This is a tough event and an extreme test of endurance for all. Everything they do all year leads up to this event, which I consider the ultimate in off road competition motorcycling. I was really surprised when I popped up the rankings as I expected two names at the top. Two names that year after year are at the top. Spaniard rider Marc Coma and Frenchman Cyril Despres. I did see that Coma was number one in the overall standings after making up many spots over the last few days to close the gap and finally take over the lead. Despres has met with bad luck so far this year but continues to battle from the eleventh position. Don’t count him out!

On a sad note, the rally lost a participant during the running of Stage Five. Rider Eric Palante, competing in the amateur class, did not make it to the finish line. A sweep truck was dispatched and the rider’s body was discovered on the stage. The team at Adventure Moto Rider sends condolences to the Palante family.


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