I Told You So

by Steve on January 15, 2014


 I really do hate to say it but I told you so! When I left you last I said that even though Cyril Despres (Yamaha) was back in a high position after suffering numerous setbacks don’t count him out. Today I found a few moments to check in on the latest bike information from stage 10 and lo and behold Cyril is sitting firmly in sixth place! While his efforts through the first stages prior to the rest day were met with struggles resulting in penalties totaling 1:00:30 his extraordinary finishes since have lifted him into the upper echelon of riders where he belongs. If we were to remove penalty time from his overall time he would be placed firmly in the third overall position approximately 00:54:00 behind Spaniard Joan Barreda Bort (Honda) and 01:28:00 back from another Spaniard race leader Marc Coma (KTM).

The stage finish for Cyril in the beginning stages looked like this. 3/10/2/16/33. Since that time he has put together some excellent rides and brought home stage finishes of 4/3/1/2 catapulting him up in the top 10. Unfortunately for him, and in my opinion, it would take nothing short of breakdown miracles to the riders in front of him at this time to have a fighting chance of any kind to bring home the win. But 00:26:24 is all that separates him from earning third position at this time of the game. The way he is riding now that is very doable. It will be exciting to watch what happens over the final stages.  By the way, I am rooting for Marc Coma to bring home the win on the KTM. Who is your rider?



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