AMR 04 – Are You Scared?

by Steve on February 24, 2014

busy intersection

Would you trust a computer aided car in this traffic?


Glad you are back once again and we have a quick show for you this week. Prep time was at a minimum as my father passed away yesterday, Saturday, after a four week hospital stay. Rest In Peace Dave McQueen.


Good news! No motorcycle recalls this week. The manufacturers have to be loving that.

Sam Manicom

We will be recording with Sam this week and you will hear that discussion on Episode 05 that will hopefully release on March 9th. Let all your adventure riding friends know that a true world traveler will be joining us for some teaching and some fun!

Distracted vs. Smart Driving

I read a couple of disturbing articles this week, one from the UK and one from the US, that affect our safety. I give my opinion on what was contained in those articles. You can read a little further into them at the links here.

UK article on distracted driving.

US article on smart driving (my moniker).


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