What is an Adventure?

by Steve on March 3, 2014

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines adventure as an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks and/or an exciting or remarkable experience. I was thinking this week, after recording the interview with Sam Manicom, what is an adventure?

Sam, and many like him, have quit their jobs, sold their belongings, and saddled up for adventures that take them far from home for an extended period of time, often times for a year or more. I have had a desire to do something akin to that but circumstances don’t allow me at the present time.

So, I got to thinking. If one has only a month, could we still be considered to be on an adventure ride? What about a week? Can adventure be found in a weekend ride or even a day? Sure we all dream of seeing the sights in far away, distant lands. We wonder what it would be like to experience the cultures in different countries. Could you see yourself jumping up to participate in a tribal dance? What are your thoughts about trying unfamiliar food so that you do not show disrespect to your hosts? Maybe that food is just the danger Merriam-Webster was referring to?

But for many of us, those dreams have to remain just that for the time being. Dreams. I am of the opinion that adventure can be had when your time is limited to a short period. I put the question out to my twitter followers and some friends and the best quotes that I received came from the same person.

Both of these came from my twitter friend Paul Crouch who is known as @Outsider73 Paul commented that his idea of adventure is, “doing something new, going somewhere different, works for me. I could ride all day just following the front wheel, bliss!” Paul also had this to say, “Adventure is a state of mind :-)” I think Paul and I are on the same page.

So, if life has you tied close to home for the time being, don’t fret. You can make adventure in one day. Don’t wait. Step out and enjoy yourself soon.


RIP Big Mike

by Steve on February 9, 2014

Big Mike Eclipse Band

Big Mike Donaldson with his beloved Les Paul.(Photo courtesy of Hot Shots Photography, Indianapolis, IN)

If you are a motorcyclist in Indiana, have visited the ABATE of Indiana bash called the Boogie, attended the ABATE of Kansas annual party, or spent time in South Dakota or Wyoming around the Sturgis Rally you know the name Big Mike and you know the Eclipse Band. Big Mike was a great vocalist and even more accomplished guitarist. I was always in awe of the man and how he made a Les Paul sing even with those big, bear sized hands and fingers of his.

For those who were fortunate enough to know him outside of his music, you were truly blessed. What you got was a man who loved his family and his music. He enjoyed many things like hunting and fishing but my perception was that he was happiest putting smiles on people’s faces with his music. He never failed at that.

I find it ironic that Mike was taken from this earth by a heart attack since this man was all heart. He was always doing for others and just last September he, through Eclipse Entertainment, partnered with our fund, the lovingBri Fund, to help us raise money to cure childhood cancer. He only asked for a small donation to help cover costs and pay his helpers and agreed to come out and do it all again in 2014. But, the next ride he said he would do for free. Mike and friends also worked on projects that were dear to his and brother Donnie’s hearts to help feed Veterans in need among other things. That was Mike. He loved his wife. He loved his family. He loved his band. And, he loved making you and me smile through music.

If a heart attack is caused by so much giving, so much sharing of love that your heart just stops from exhaustion then that is what took my friend. He gave it all.

There is a song by the Eclipse band that fits this situation so well and honors the life of Big Mike Donaldson. I have included it above. Mike Donaldson is one of the good ones and he will be greatly missed. Enjoy that golden Les Paul for me Mike and hold my baby girl on your lap and hug her from her Daddy.