AMR08 – Moonshine Lunch Run

by Steve on April 25, 2014


MLR Rider Welcome Sign

Yeah, we are a little late getting this one out. We will work on getting better at that.
APOLOGY: My apology to Jason Garver of the Moonshine Lunch Run. In the intro of the show I mistakenly pronounced his last name as Graver. It is indeed Garver and I apologize for my error.

Good News! No motorcycle recalls during this period.

Moonshine Lunch Run
Do you need an excuse to ride? Some people live by the moniker, “Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride”. But how far would you ride to get a burger known as the Moonburger and have the opportunity to sit around and talk long distance motorcycle riding with those who have the same passion? Today we interview Jason Garver of the Moonshine Lunch Run. A quick heads up! Jason graciously did the interview after a long day at work while enjoying the evening with his family. He gave me fair warning the kids were there and it might get noisy. As you can expect, it did in some areas of the interview but does not take away from the content. If you are wearing earbuds you have been warned. LOL

20140412_100638 20140412_100726

Besides your normal every day looking rides you will see many like this Super Tenere set up for the long haul. Just check out the backup navigation devices, the multitude of driving lights on the front, and the auxiliary fuel tank mounted to the tail plate. I wanted to talk with the owner but had no idea who he was. I am sure that that motorcycle could tell some stories.

At some point on the day of the ride Jason used a drone to film over the immediate area. If you watch the video you will see breaks in the lines of motorcycles lining the roads which tells me he did this later in the morning. At my arrival there were no breaks in the lines and there were continuous arrivals the entire time of my stay. Check out the video here.

While planning your 2015 rides make Moonshine a must visit. Terry Hammond had a dream and he is no doubt looking down over the MLR with a big smile. In Terry’s words,
“If you don’t make it to Moonshine, you ain’t a Motorcycle Rider, you’re just a Motorcycle Owner!!!” Here is my obligatory pic out in front of the Moonshine to show I am a rider not just an owner!


For more information on the Moonshine Lunch Run follow this link to their website and we hope to see you there next year.

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AMR 03 – Breaking News!

by Steve on February 13, 2014


Welcome to Episode 3!!

Thank you all for listening and reading the shown notes here on the blog.

This episode I explain that random download that you received a few days prior to the release of this episode. My apologies for that.

Cold Remains in the Midwest
We begin by talking about the cold weather that has kept us here in the Midwest confined to four wheel vehicles. Negative wind chills and lots of snow!!

Our recall this week is from Triumph and does involve a couple adventure models of the brand. Click here to read the recall on the NHTSA website.

2013 Motorcycle Sales
Next I discuss the motorcycle sales figures for 2013, mostly as they pertain to the adventure motorcycle segment. Hear about a prediction I made in 2008 along with some friends that proved to be way off base.

Gear Review
I give my thoughts on my riding pants, Tourmaster Venture Air. I also ask you for your suggestions on buying proper adventure / dual sport specific riding gear. These are great pants but not for off road in my opinion.

Tourmaster Venture Air Pants

Tourmaster Venture Air Pants

Breaking News
We have been successful in securing a couple of the interviews I promised you all. Over the next three to four weeks, working around their schedules, I will be interviewing two gentlemen surely to make you want to listen in. I do not know who will be on first. The deciding factor will be their schedules. One is a world traveler and author. You all know him as Sam Manicom! The other will be an excellent source for those of you, like me, that are new to the sport. Shawn Thomas, instructor for RawHyde Adventures will join us.

I invite you to send me questions that you would like me to ask either of these gentlemen during our interview. Feel free to email me your questions at Steve@adventuremotorider.com or you can leave a voicemail via your computer by clicking on the “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of the screen you are looking at. This does require a microphone on your computer to be used. Get them in fast so I have them prior to recording.

If you would like more information on what either man does feel free to check out the website for each by clicking their name below.

Sam Manicom
Shawn Thomas – RawHyde Adventures

Don’t forget to send all your friends here and have them follow us on twitter: @advmotopodcast

Check us out in two weeks!!!


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AMR 2 – It’s Cold Out There

January 25, 2014

As I sit here and write show notes preparing to record the podcast I look out the window and see that we got about four new inches of snow overnight. It has been a banner year for snow lately here in Central Indiana. No motorcycle riding for this region! Recalls:  BMW announced a major recall […]

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