AMR05 – Sam Manicom (Pt. 1)

by Steve on March 9, 2014


Adventure Series Books

Hello! Seems like forever since we were here doing the same thing. The difference between then and now is that we have our first interview to offer up to you and we came out of the gate running! I am excited bring the show to you and hope you will share it with others who are interested in world travel by motorcycle.

I mention in the podcast that there are no recalls to discuss this episode but I have to elaborate a little. I get recall information directly from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration via an RSS feed and I have not been informed of any motorcycle recalls. While looking through the internet today I found that Yamaha did have a recall that posted February 10th on the NHTSA site. The recall involves YZFR1 and XTC12 Super Tenere motorcycles. You can get the affected model years and the cause of the recall by following clicking here.

We Care About You
Remember in episode 4 I discussed distracted driving and so called safe driving? Well, it seems that the good old US is not the only country that is worried about us. From Russia comes a new motorcycle that uses radar to decide when you are not reacting to a hazard in front of you and will actually apply the brakes for you. I talk about it in the opening of the show and you can read more detail from our friends at Visordown by following this link.

Sam Manicom
Sam Manicom is a renowned world traveler and author. He has four books out currently that make up the Adventure Series. The graphic at the top of this post shows Sam and the available books. I recently finished “Into Africa” and I have started “Under Asian Skies”. The books are amazing and leave you feeling that you are riding along side Sam, living the same adventure and seeing the same sights. You can purchase Sam’s books on his website or at the Book Depository. If purchasing from the Book Depository I have provided the link to each book below that will take you directly to their site.

Into Africa
Under Asian Skies
Distant Suns
Tortillas to Totems

You can follow Sam on Facebook and Twitter

Come back in two weeks and listen to part two of the interview. You can follow us on Twitter as well by following this link. Share with your friends and leave us some comments below. And, rate us at your favorite place to get your podcast downloads whether it is iTunes, Stitcher, Miro, or any other. Have a great couple of weeks and stay safe!