AMR07 – Ride for Kids

by Steve on April 6, 2014


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Hello once again. Right on the heels of the Sam Manicom interview I am sitting in Carrollton, GA for my daughter’s softball tournament. Hotel is disgusting, wifi is almost non existent, but life is good. Sitting here at Starbucks bumming their free wifi so I can get the podcast out to you. I am not going to profess that this is my best episode to date for sure. I have the wife, daughter, and granddaughter sitting with me so many distractions. I think you will hear it as my thoughts might seem broken at times but I felt it was better than not putting out an episode. No matter how bad the episode it covers a very important topic.

BMW has a sidestand recall going right now. Click here to learn more.

Ride for Kids
Ride for Kids raises funds for pediatric brain tumor research, family support, and college scholarships for those who have been fortunate enough to survive a childhood brain tumor. Find out why it is so important to me and how you can make a difference in the lives of families who are in the battle for their child’s life. Go to Ride for Kids page to learn even more.

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